LavAzza Coffee Blends

Published: 04th May 2011
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The LavAzza Company offers 12 blended coffees that come in two roast levels. Each has an organoleptic profile. An organoleptic profile involves different sensory properties of aroma and body, sweetness, intensity and roundness of taste, color, odor and feel. LavAzza coffees are the highest quality of Arabica and Robusta beans. And at least one, will suit the most definitive palate. Try to imagine how each would suit your organoleptic profile.

Oro is a medium roast coffee of a mixture of extraordinarily sweet Arabica coffee beans that offers an intense, aromatic blend and brews well in all coffeemakers.

Rossa is a medium roast coffee that is a mixture of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta beans. If you want to get a great start your morning, this full bodied blend with intense taste and full bodied coffee aroma.

Crema E Gusto is a dark roast coffee that is a mixture 70% Robusta and 30% Arabica beans. This creamy and intense coffee has a well-balanced aroma that is full-bodied with a fragrant flavor, rich after aftertaste with chocolaty tones.

Caffe Crema is medium roast that is well-balanced and light for those who love their coffee in a large cup or mug.

Gran Aroma Bar is a medium roast coffee that is a mixture 40% Robusta coffee beans and 60% Arabica beans. This blend has an equal blend of aroma, body and intensity in flavor and taste; and it leaves a long-lasting flavor of a velvety crema that is quite delicate.

Club was created for a connoisseurs’ palate. This is a 100% Arabica coffee bean blend that is soft and delicate aromatically; yet, it is full-bodied with an intense aroma. The ideal coffee maker for this medium roast coffee is a mocha (moka) coffee pot or coffee maker.

Il Perfecto Espresso is a medium roast of 100% Arabica beams. It is creamy with an unmistakable aroma and fragrance just like that of a café. This blend has a unique aroma and fragrance that is similar to the smell when you enter a café. If you are looking for this kind of full-bodied coffee that is somewhat intense and aromatic, you can know have it at home using either a coffeemaker or an espresso machine.

Tierra is a medium roasted blend of excellent 100% Arabica beans using the green coffees exclusively from Honduras, Peru and Colombia.

Dek is a blend of 30% Robusta and 70% Arabica beans. This medium, yet delicate, aromatic aroma with a smooth body comes with a little intensity. The coffee blend is an exceptional fragrance that is fully-rounded. Its perfect aroma and body is created by a natural decaffeination process.

Decafeinato is made of 30% Robusta and 70% Arabica beans. It is a superior blend of coffee beans that has the intensity of an espresso, but without caffeine. The aroma is full-bodied with a medium body and intensity.

Caffe Espresso is a medium roast made of 100% Arabica beans that are very fragrant and aromatic. The ideal use for this espresso blend is "long coffee." "Long coffee" is an espresso made with more water than normal.

Crema e Aroma is a medium roasted blend of 60% Robusta beans and 40% Arabica beans. This coffee aroma, body and intensity offers intense and aromatic flavor that is consistent with long-lasting crema.

This was written to offer a sense of the organoleptic taste and a hint of the aroma for each of the blends. LavAzza blends are found all over the world and cater to the discriminated palate. Discriminating or not, they remain one of the most sought after coffee blends in many places around the world.

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