Joyce Kaaland

name Joyce is a retired E.S.L. teacher who taught ESL and citizenship to Asian for six years. She also taught in China for two summers. Joyce is also a published author who wrote about day care and preschools in churches. The trials and the blessings.

Why a Glass Coffee Pot is the Best Way to Brew Coffee

23rd January 2012
A good tempered glass coffee pot is absolutely the best thing to have on hand to produce a great tasting cup of coffee. Whether you have an automatic drip coffee maker, a percolator, or make “cowboy coffee” on your stovetop, you will want to have a good, ... Read >

Low Acid and Acid Free Coffee

18th October 2011
There is a great request for low acid and acid free coffee. This is due to people who say they have extreme reactions to the acid in coffee. And, this condition makes it necessary for them to stop drinking coffee all together or find another recourse. Bot... Read >

LavAzza Coffee Blends

04th May 2011
The LavAzza Company offers 12 blended coffees that come in two roast levels. Each has an organoleptic profile. An organoleptic profile involves different sensory properties of aroma and body, sweetness, intensity and roundness of taste, color, odor and fe... Read >

The Nesco Coffee Roaster and Coffee Beans

15th March 2011
Nesco® makes two coffee making products. One is the Professional Coffee Bean Roaster and the other is there new Coffee Bean Burr Grinder. Both are great additions for any coffee maker or espresso machine. However, this article will only cover the coffee b... Read >